Brave wallet showing a javascript error. Won't send or complete any transactions

Hi there, I’ve been running into an issue with my Brave wallet for a few weeks now. Every time I try to send anything from the wallet the transactions end up pending forever, and don’t show up on etherscan even after 12+ hours. When I go to cancel the transaction, I get the following error:


This seems very similar to the widespread JS error that took down the wallet last month:

I’ve restarted my browser, restarted my computer, reset my wallet, and restored my wallet using my secret phrase. Nothing works.

This is pretty frustrating, as it’s effectively locked me out of my account. Any help from the Brave team would be greatly appreciated.

This issue seems to be with the legacy extension-based wallet. Can you please check if you still reproduce it with the new Brave Wallet?

You can do that just by going to brave://wallet and it will onboard you.

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