Brave Wallet performance

So I switched to the new Brave Wallet after Brave decided to enforce it and prevent reverting to the old Metamask fork.
Their official page about it claims

Superior performance

Extensions slow down your device. Since Brave Wallet is built directly into the browser, it takes no extra processes to run, and burns less CPU & memory on your device.

But after a little while using it, I have to admit I can’t say where the performance improvement is when the Wallet button on the Toolbar is often unresponsive or when it takes up to a minute for transaction windows to show up.

Sorry for the delay. That doesn’t sound normal. So if you click the wallet icon it takes a minute for anything to come up? Do you mind sharing what your computer specs are?

  • Ryzen 5 2600 - 12 cores / 3.7 Ghz
  • 2 To WD NVMe
  • 32 Gb RAM

You might try disabling other installed extensions just to test and see if one of them is causing some sort of conflict. I had another user a while back experience a similar siutation.

Doesn’t seem to have any visible change. Switching to an external wallet for the foreseeable future.

Posted an issue to investigate this further here:

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