Brave wallet ongoing issues with showing accurate token price

Wallet shows wrong price for several tokens in general.Android,ETH main network

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@FuerstReuss apologies for the delay, is this still an issue for you? Can you confirm your Brave version? Thank you.

Hey Steven,

Your reply is much appreciated.
Yes,it still shows false prices,but not only one…See attached for Brave Version

Uniglo Token GLO
DeFiChain Token
Pepe Token *Pepe
all on Ethereum Mainnet

I believe Chronoly *CRNO is inactive and will be replaced by Watchvestor *WVTR

Replied via email due to containing sensitive information.

I do not have any NFT in my Brave wallet.I also deactivated the shield.Wallet still shows wrong prices even after restart.Now,I am experiencing another issue in addition.When I leave the browser and go back,it won’t work anymore.It just freezes and I have to restart the browser everytime since last update.

I checked everything. But the wallet (all assets)works fine on my Desktop computer.There must be a glitch with Android…

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