Brave wallet not working

My BAT balance was at 5.35 yesterday and it suddenly disappeared and turned into 1.75 BAT. also even when I claim it my BAT doesn’t show up in my brave wallet. Finally I have yet to receive a grant what should I do?

Yep. Get used to it. BAT rewards are a scam. Instead of passing rewards to their users who agreed to see ads in return for BAT tokens, they have created many ways to not pay them and keep the advertising dollars for themselves. They do this by making BAT rewards mysteriously disappear with no explanation, disconnecting your wallet with no way to re-connect it, tokens no longer being saved, ads not showing any longer, rewards not being sent to your wallet, etc. And all the while pointing the finger at Uphold, Gemini, or blaming you for not keeping your browser updated (which by the way will disconnect your wallet randomly and not allow you to reconnect saying you have reached your device limit when you haven’t).

Anyway, I am sure others will get on here and tell you differently but no matter what you do, even if you get past this issue, you will eventually realize either Brave programmers do not know how to fix all these issues OR this is a huge scam. I have been dealing with pretty much all these issues mentioned for the past couple years. Finally gave up.

I like the browser itself, but the rewards are not worth the time spent trying to fix the issues.

Good luck!

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