Brave wallet not working for a long time

i open another topic and no response, every time i try the captcha to get the pending rewards
and error pops up and the earnings remain on pending for several months, i back up the wallet
and still lose like 50 to 70 bats, can someone help? is there are any trace of the pending rewards
or its all lost?

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Hi @Rexh - what OS and Brave version are you on?

windows 10 pro, OS 18363.592
Version 1.9.72 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138

Thanks @Rexh - can you confirm that your DPI is set to 100%?

dpi like the zoom of the browser? yes its on 100

can you help? im still cant get the pendings rewards from like a year, i like the browser but im about to quit, this is so sad i click lots of adds and the wallet doesnt work, and the separation of the phone wallet make me lose like 50 tokens more and you guys tellme dat its all lost…

Thanks for your patience @Rexh. Can you update to the latest version and try? Are you running any extensions?

hi, never use extensions and i always check and im on the lastes update now im on Version 1.9.76 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138, or you say the beta updates?

Hi @Rexh - the error that pops up, what does it say exactly?

first, i use brave almost from the start, and i got the desktop wallet sync with my phone, and you guys dissable the sync whitout warning and i lost almost 50 bats in the android phone only.
and second in the desktop wallet, i cant cash out the rewards from the month, only sometimes but mostly when i put the captcha to take the rewards its say something like, error try later, i can take screens next time, and because of dat, when i format the pc and use the wallet back up, i lost all the pending rewards, and in the last format i lose the bats in the wallet too and dats was new, later an update i recive like only 10 bats from nothing, i lose count of how many bats i lose, but i use this browser from the start and its a minimun from 100 to 200.i never cash up the rewards, plz tellme there is some registy like a real crypto wallet and you can helpe

Hi @Rexh - we’ll get to the bottom of this and will figure out whats going on. Can you send a screenshot of the error when trying to capture? Thank you for your patience, I know that this has been a frustrating experience.

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ok i just did the captcha for this month, i need to wait to the next month for the problem to pop out again? or can you check the pending rewards from las year

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