Brave wallet not verified

Morning @Kimbert, I know the ads’ frequency is puzzling at times, but it really isn’t uncommon to go a day or even three with no ads - it’s happened to me, and most others.

That’s not to say that something couldn’t be buggy, or isn’t being worked on. I think the Ads will improve as more companies choose to opt in the BAT program and Brave continues to tweak at the system.

There do seem to be a few technical issues right now and maybe this is playing around with the ads, but I really don’t know. I do know that going 3 days without ads, while not nice, doesn’t mean something’s wrong.

Sorry I couldn’t tell you something nicer to hear. You can make sure no settings have been reset on you, maybe even try toggling the Ads on/off - but I would wait till the payout process is well finished first.

I see, Thank you so much for your response :). God bless us all.

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thank you for answering me, i dont have a you tube page or anything like that. like i said before i will just wait it out until they solve the problem with nyc, they said they will fix it so i will just wait, and i did try to get something from the swag store, i said i needed to have a verified wallet, no big deal i guess for now, but thank you again for helping me

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