Brave wallet not verified

Thank you for your reply, I remember that my wallet was verified last December 2020, Does syncing to Laptop affects the verification of brave wallet?

Can you please tell me, why my rewards balance is not merge to my brave wallet? and Before it is verified since December 2020, but I don’t know why it is not verified now?

See photo attached:

Hi @kimbert, the wallets on your devices are not connected - they do not sync. On desktop you can have a verified Uphold wallet set up, without that 25 min. BAT requirement like is currently found on Android.

Once you accumulate 25 BAT on your mobile, you can then verify that wallet and it will be linked to your Uphold account.

I hope it is clearer now :slight_smile:

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It’s more clear now, Thank you @saereV and @eljuno. Can I ask more questions?

My brave wallet shows I have 5.250 BAT and My Reward Balance shows 19.32 BAT. Why they are now merging?


You’re welcome! @Kimbert, maybe do you mean that the 5.250 is estimated earnings, and the Reward balance, 19.32, is already earned/ claimed?

Thank you for your response @saereV. I Received 5.250 BAT from the month of March ( I think it is in my Brave Wallet) , and I have 19.37 BAT balance in my account.

See Photo attached below…

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That’s great (the screencaps), thank you :slight_smile:

@eljuno, could you answer this one?

I haven’t dealt with receiving earnings/ claiming BAT yet, unfortunately.

One screenshot shows a Rewards Wallet on a mobile device, the other shows a Creator Account. They are completely separate things with different rules and they are not linked.


Oh, I see! Thank you @klompje and @saereV. 1 more question, How can I transfer my Creator Account’s BAT to Uphold Wallet or to Brave rewards?

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If your Creator Account is connected to Uphold it will happen automatically somewhere after the 8th of the month. It can take as long as a week though and will only work if you connected to Uphold before the 1st of April. If you connected after the 1st of April the pay-out will happen in May.

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Thank you so much for your help, I will let you know how it goes, on May. Thank you again, I really appreciate your efforts.


Good morning @klompje @saereV. How are you guys? I think I found the problem. This what happened:

First, last year I started using brave on my Android and I think I my brave wallet was verified that time (if im not mistaken) then, the time I installed brave on my laptop and connect it also to my uphold wallet the laptop’s creator account get connected to uphold and not my wallet, meaning they switched is that possible?

If so, do I need to disconnect my laptop to Uphold wallet in order to connect my Creator account?

Morning @kimbert, unfortunately, I’m not familiar with the workings of Creator accounts yet. I think @klompje could assist you more with this one.

Edit: We can have up to four instances (ie. four wallets/ devices) linked to our Uphold account, so I wouldn’t think you need to switch or disconnect anything… BUT I’m not sure if there are some special allowances or consideration when it comes to Creator accounts.

@Kimbert @saereV the limit only applied for browsers Rewards wallet.

Good morning, what does this mean?

well i dont know where you live but i just found out uphold wont let me have my wallet verified either. but when i wanted to find out why it said i live in NY and for some dumbass reason uphold doesnt have some type of permit to trade in NY, now at first i went crazy bc i didnt try to have my wallet verified until around my 5 month using brave, that would of been nice if they told me this after i downloaded brave especially when i filled the form out and it asks what state am i in, and i said NY, and still nothing not even some type of warning. i know it says they are trying their best to get this problem fixed and i really hope so. because it will bad to have all my time mean nothing. it says i can buy brave swag with bat, but the best part is i cant buy anything because i dont have a verified wallet lmfaoooo. out of all things you think they would let you buy something no matter what bc its all the same company lol
OR the fact i cant have a verified wallet for now they would let me use my bat to buy things lmfaooooo unreal lol

Hi @happynyc if you’re a Creator, you have the option to use Gemini wallet. If you’re a non-Creator you’ll have to wait till it’s implemented - a rollout this year I believe.
So, I don’t think you’ve wasted time :slight_smile:

I may be wrong, and someone please correct me if I am, but I thought you don’t need a verified wallet to buy swag?..
Edit: so, yeah, you don’t need a verified wallet, and actually you can’t use BAT in a verified wallet… @happynyc this was told to you, in fact :upside_down_face:

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@saereV Good morning! What’s the problem, I did not received any ads sinces Wednesday?

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Morning @Kimbert, I know the ads’ frequency is puzzling at times, but it really isn’t uncommon to go a day or even three with no ads - it’s happened to me, and most others.

That’s not to say that something couldn’t be buggy, or isn’t being worked on. I think the Ads will improve as more companies choose to opt in the BAT program and Brave continues to tweak at the system.

There do seem to be a few technical issues right now and maybe this is playing around with the ads, but I really don’t know. I do know that going 3 days without ads, while not nice, doesn’t mean something’s wrong.

Sorry I couldn’t tell you something nicer to hear. You can make sure no settings have been reset on you, maybe even try toggling the Ads on/off - but I would wait till the payout process is well finished first.

I see, Thank you so much for your response :). God bless us all.

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