Brave Wallet not showing my Moonlight Token Balance

Hi guys,
I am having an issue with Brave Wallet after I transferred crypto asset from my coinbase and uniswap wallets. Specifically, I sent some Moonlight Token to Brave wallet bc I was using an app that required a minimum balance of Moonlight Token to use its premium features (bubblemaps is the site/app). The site seemed to highlight Brave wallet as the wallet to use to connect to site so I decided to give Brave a tray since I never used it before. Anyway, when I’m on the website/app and connect the Brave wallet, I actually do see my balance illustrated inside the brave wallet button/icon. But once I try and go into Brave wallet and pull up that asset, nothing shows up. No transaction activity, no balance, nothing. This contradicts what bscscan is telling: bscscan shows a smooth transaction that was completed successfully and further, once I search my wallet using wallet’s address on bscscan, bscscan shows the correct balance under my wallet’s holdings. I have tried adding the asset by using the “add custom asset” button several times and Moonlight Token asset does appear, only with no balance. Can someone please advise asap? It’s a decent chunk of change wrapped up in that asset that is not showing up and I’d like to get this fixed ASAP.
A few bullet points:
-Asset in question is: Moonlight Token
-Network that this asset runs on is: Binance Smart Chain
-site that actually shows my wallet balance once wallet is connected is: bubblemaps

Please let me know what my options are. I’ve tried a few different things recommended by the community that have responded to similar help requests by others who were experiencing similar issue albeit with different assets. Also, please let me know if more information would be hlepful (i.e., txn ID on bscscan, token’s address, my wallet address, etc…). Also, if it matters, I am doing this on my macbook’s most recent OS update.

I appreciate the time- please help!