Brave Wallet Migration Browser Reinstall (no deprecated option for secondary account recovery)

I reinstalled Brave and utilized my seed phrase to migrate my Brave Wallet. It’s an older wallet so I checked the legacy option. It only brought over the main wallet account and there is no “deprecated” option in the dropdown like there was previously to restore the other accounts. Please advise if there is a way to get this option back. Only three current options are:

  1. Brave Wallet (prefer extenstions)
  2. Brave Wallet
  3. None

If you click on add account it will re-add the same accounts as last time under the same seed.

Thanks Brian I appreciate the reply. I read that in other posts and tried it but it didn’t work. I added 10 accounts to be sure. It also states you need the “deprecated” option checked for this to work. I do not have that option available in the drop down. Is there something I’m missing?

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