Brave Wallet Issue while Registering ENS Domain Name

Hi, I am using the latest version of brave browser with the new wallet. I was trying to register a ENS Domain and came across this issue.

When registering a domain, you need to do 2 separate transactions. The first transaction came up as it was supposed to, then you wait 1 minute and the “Register” button should turn blue again. You would be able to click it and proceed with the second transaction. However, the button stayed greyed out for me for around 15 minutes.

This is not normal and I was talking to someone on the ENSdomains discord when I just downloaded MetaMask, added my seed and the “Register” button became clickable and I was able to proceed right away.

I also found this github post also:

Please fix this

Could you try doing two things?
i) Update to the latest release which was just released today 1.33.106
ii) Clear your site data for the ENS site

Then try again

Hey, I already used MetaMask to get the ens domain so even doing this, I wouldn’t be able to confirm whether it works or not.

Maybe next time, thanks for replying!