Brave wallet is not reflecting my crypto

Hi team,
Hope you guys are doing good.
Well around a month ago I tried transferring some of my crypto to my Brave wallet and it was deducted from my end but never showed up in the Wallet. I’m new to this. Is there any hope of recovering my digital dollars?

@abhi2001 hopefully you’ll disregard the scammer who responded to you above. If you click on link and provide information they request, they’ll steal anything you have.

Did you make sure that whichever crypto you sent to yourself is a visible asset in Brave? While they are working on self discovery, sometimes we still have to manually enable them to be visible. The difference is that it will be in our Wallet, but it’s just not showing as “visible” to us until enabled. You can kind of see a bit of where to look for this at Adding new asset to Brave Wallet

The other thing that might help is knowing which type of coin you sent and whether it’s supported by Wallet at this time.

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