Brave Wallet how to.make it

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How can i get earnings by watching YouTube videos or being Creator? Whete i can make brave Wallet?
I only made uphold and dont know what is better

You don’t get earning watching youtube (atleast from Brave). For brave creators, sign up at

You can only use Uphold or Gemini for earning Brave rewards. Details at

When you connect Uphold to your creators account and your KYC was done by using documents from regions listed at

you will get the amount tipped to you by users. So if your users tip you 1 BAT, you will receive 0.95 BAT. (Basically the 95% of the tipped amount), 5% of the tipped amount is taken by Brave.

Brave wallet has no connection to Brave rewards. Brave wallet is to store any cryptocurrencies you already have.

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