Brave wallet has a 0.00 balance despite a linked Gemini account and months of brave rewards

I have never seen anyhing in my wallet either from my Gemini account which has funds and is collecting interest, nor my rewards in Brave. The wallet is always $0.00. Can someone help me fix this?

Which wallet are you taking about?
Rewards wallet or Brave Wallet?

Brave Wallet is a non-custodial crypto wallet. It only shows the tokens that you have transferred to it. It has no link to Gemini.

Rewards wallet should show the BAT balance you have in Gemini if it is connect to Gemini and you are in a supported region. Note: it does not show anything else than BAT. The other funds there you have in Gemini collecting interest are not linked to Brave.

If you are in an unsupported region or your rewards wallet is not connected to Gemini, then it just shows the rewards you have been accumulating.

I refer to the wallet displayed on the top right of the brave browser.
Also the rewards which sometimes shows an amount earned in the previous month but always shows a $0.00 balance.
I added gemini to brave more than a year ago, but still never see any balances until I specifically go to the Gemini main page and login there.

What you explain is weird. Your earned rewards were supposed to be transferred to Gemini every month.

I suggest opening a support ticket, so that the support team can have a look at your issue.

Having been in the software industry for many years, I will take that as a good thought, my bet is that both Gemini and Brave will do a quick bit oof finger pointing but, let’s see how we get by that and perhaps find the solution.

What I don’t understand it the long list of different instructional instances to get this linking done, but none I have seen ever have the screens that actually appear nor do they every document the 1st 3 steps completely.

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