Brave wallet does not display asset

Brave Version v1.49.132

I have several assets in my wallet, and they all seem to be displaying correctly except for one: “Chrono.Tech TIME” on the Ethereum network for which the balance seems to keep refreshing forever, never actually displaying. The wallet also does not respond to my clicking on that asset.

@mbolz Hello, I have this issue too. I reported this issue and another display issue in a Brave Support ticket. The response was that the fix will be released in version 1.50.x. But when I look at the issue report, the continuous refresh problem doesn’t seem to apply.

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Can you confirm this fix is for both fiat display issues (e.g. token amt displays but not $ amount) and for issues where the fiat amount never displays (just get a continuous refresh circle)?

I don’t actually see the refresh circle displaying. Rather on the main portfolio screen in the column on the right side of the page, the location where the fiat value, and the token balance are supposed to be… It simply displays those fields as 2 bars where the numbers are supposed to be displayed. And those two bars have a gray area continuously travelling from left to right.

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Same here, but when I hover over the lines, I still see the lines but also a blue circle going round and round continuously! :grin: “Refresh circle” probably isn’t the right terminology but didn’t know what else to call it! lol

When I hover the cursor over the lines nothing changes, except that my mouse cursor becomes an hourglass. I do not see the “waiting circle”.

@mbolz can you try removing asset from your custom list and then re-adding it? You can access this list by clicking on ‘custom assets’. Please let me know did that work.


I do not see any label “custom assets”

I do not see anything labeled “custom assets” to click on?

Sorry ‘visible assets’. It’s at the bottom of your portfolio page on desktop.

That made the situation worse. Now it displays a balance, but the problem is it displays a zero balance, which is also incorrect.

Please ensure that on the top of the portfolio page under the chart, that you have all accounts shown.

to doublecheck that you have Chrono.Tech TIME in your Brave wallet , you can check up the original transaction, that was sent into brave wallet on etherscan and, confirm the destination address.

I am sorry, but I don’t know how to do this, and I also don’t know when the original transaction placed the TIME into my wallet.

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