Brave wallet contents lost




I logged-in to Brave today to claim the free BAT. My balance is now 17.5 BAT. About 1-2 weeks ago, my wallet contained 50 or 60 BAT.

Things that I have recently done:

  1. Today I claimed the free BAT.
  2. A few days ago I updated my browser to the latest version. I never backed-up my wallet, but I also was never prompted to do so.

I checked my ether public address on and it says that the balance of that wallet is 0.
If you can look it up, my account is associated with my email:



Hi @bmaasen

Maybe a contribution/payment was made? What is displayed under ‘Last Contribution’ on the Payments screen? Also, is the clock icon (next to the gear icon) orange? What do you see when you click on it?



Here is a screen capture of my payments page. There is apparently no
payment history. If it helps I can look-up the ether transaction that was
sent to by BAT wallet and confirmed by Uphold.



Could you please see if the ETH wallet you sent to is the same as the one listed under ‘Add Funds’?



Hi Lauren!

I found out the problem. My two computers are not synced. My 82 BAT are
showing up on my other computer. Sorry about that!

We can close the ticket.



Thanks for reporting back @bmaasen! Glad you figured it out :smile:


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