Brave wallet connection lost problem

My rewards amount doesn’t increase , it gives wallet connection lost problem , because of my total BAT amount is under 25 BAT i can’t connect an uphold account and save my total BAT amount.

What happens if you click that?

It tries to connect uphold account but gives error , says you must have 25bat in your account to open your uphold account

That is weird since you don’t nee 25 BATs to open an account anymore.

@sementese is your browser up to date?

I’ve removed and installed the browser again yes it’s up to date now , but my 4.15 bat except the amount in wallet returned to zero (wallet amount is 4.75 bat) , so i can’t use any of them , 9bat flied to space , i think this is not fixable

Removing the installing the browser gets rid of your Wallet BATs…

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