Brave wallet cannot be verified

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My Account Is Not Connecting To My Brave Wallet. How Can I Fix This Problem.

It Connects To The Browser On My Android Phone. But It Won’t Connect To The Scanner On My Computer.

I Deleted and Reloaded the Browser But It Didn’t Work. What is the Solution?


you might have gone over device limit with install, uninstall and reinstall.

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how to fix?

It connects to the browser on my android device. It does not connect to the browser on the computer.

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if this is a device limit issue, you can verify your desktop version to gemini… you could also go search the feature request and vote for all the ones that deal with the ability to increase limit or allow users and add remove from device list

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I’m having the same problem. I had a problem logging in to Uphold prior to this on both PC and Android device. I was able to re-verify my wallet on the PC however, I’m still unable to re-verify on my Android device.

When I try to re-verify on my Android device:

Hit Verify Wallet Button: Prompted to Verify wallet (notification says I don’t have enough BAT to verify. If I already have a verified uphold account, continute to log in.

Continue To Log In: Authorize application menu: Hit authorize button; Notification that I’m logged in as <email_address>

Hit Authorize Button: Taken back to Verify wallet menu: BAT amount zeroed out. Save Password Menu appears/disappears:

Hit Verify Wallet Button: Brave Closes

I’ve tried clearing all data, uninstall/reinstall to no avail.

Again, I resolved the issue on my PC by simply clearing the cache. I can log into Uphold in Brave on my Android device, I just can’t get the wallet verified.

In addition, will the August rewards be given to me even if this issue isn’t resolved at the time of distribution?

Thanks for your support.


I can’t log in because GEMINI requires a passport.

I tried removing the device from uphold and it didn’t work.

How can I increase the limit?

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You can’t increase the limit all we can hope for is uphold or brave devs remove the limit i am device limited aswell and gemini isn’t even supported in my country so i cant even earn any bat. :cry:


did not connect on second attempt from this computer.

I will turn off Brave ads until it reopens.

maybe he can log in because if i format the device id will be reset?

I’m thinking of formatting it in the future.

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@sasuke262 What is the message that you get at the end of the process in your video (at 0:12)? Can you translate that?

Your rewards Wallet ID will reset and that won’t make a difference if you have exceeded the lifetime 4 device limit on Uphold. Every installation counts as one slot and once connected, can’t be removed.

@ATM If you mean Brave abruptly closes/crashes then try to create a new topic for this issue, fill out the full template that you will be provided while posting (includes Brave version, OS version, when wallet verified etc.), you have described your steps well, include them with a screen recording if possible or screenshots to show error, tag someone from the support team and you will get a response.

I think you will get a claim button. I will suggest wait until payouts before verifying. If you verify before payouts, you won’t get a claim button and your payout to verified wallet will be processed next month.

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Written at 0:12. " Your transaction is still processing. Please wait." he is writing.

but I was able to connect from my android device even though I exceeded the slot limit.

and my second connection from my computer.

@sasuke262 Could it be that you Android device is the 4th one (counting all linked uninstalls, reinstalls)?

Your Uphold account is verified right (document submitted and accepted)?

Additionally, I think you can you try this in a profile. Make sure Brave is updated. Also verify that your Wallet ID found at ‘brave://rewards-internals/’ is same on both profiles before proceeding.

My Uphold account has been verified.

but now I can’t confirm again.

It says “Wallet status: Not Connected”. how can i connect

If the problem is in uphold, I will write the situation in the uphold support section.

(Device Limit Reached |Your wallet cannot be verified because you have reached the maximum verified device limit.)

How can I increase this limit? If I knew it would be like this, I wouldn’t have crossed it. I crossed the limit without knowing it.

What do you mean? If you login to your Uphold account, you should be able to see-

I think, I messed it up. I thought, new profile would have same wallet. Because at some point before, I’m sure I had seen same Wallet ID on new profile as well, that’s why I asked you to check this.

You didn’t create more than one new profile, did you? If you didn’t, you would be fine as most likely your last profile is the 4th one and it should connect even if it is disconnected now. I will ask @Mattches to take over from here.

I crossed this limit without realizing it.

If my uphold ID is not changed, I have requested that my account be closed.

Wait, did you not create a new profile?

What do you mean by this? What ID? Why do you think it would be changed?

I wrote to the Uphold support request.

I’m waiting for a reply, I hope they will solve my problem.

My sentences are not very clear because I use google translate.