Brave Wallet cannot be find by any Web3 app

After new update of Brave wallet I cannot use it in any web3 app.

I also have problem to find where I can export the account, that I can import it to metamask. The option dissapeard. Does anyone has same issue?

I hope anyone has workaround or can help me.

I have no problems and I like it. Maybe you can give steps to reproduce so someone can help you figure this out. The way it’s written, it’s difficult

I already find out many things.

I found how to export private key of my wallet created in Brave browser. (You need to go to settings of the exact account - click to icon of QR code)
I found out how to connect it to any web3 app. (You need to disconnect them if you had them connected previously)

But I still have issue how to edit nonce + when you have multiple accounts connected for example to OpenSea and you switch account in Brave wallet it won’t change the account at OpenSea. In previous version of Brave Wallet it worked fine.

And here we go. Another problem I found. I’m not able to adjust maximal gas fee lower than base fee if I want to queue my transaction. Anyone has solution?

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I have also problem on Brave Nighty, I cant verify wallet it stuck on uphold logovand I cant nothing to do…

I already switched to regular metamask. Suggest you to do the same :slight_smile:

I loved the native wallet, but when they release it and it doesn’t work with important features it’s not usable.

Could you give more details please? Please go to brave://wallet first to setup the wallet.

You can go to the accounts ta in brave://wallet to export keys.

Just curious, what is the use case where you need to edit the nonce often?
Issue for custom nonce is here if you’d like to track it:

Tracking this here:

Cancelling transactions would be one use for it. It’s what the “Cancel transaction” button does in Metamask.

I see, we have a way to cancel transactions in the UI in the transaction list. We’ll work on better nonce management though across a couple issues too.

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