Brave Wallet and Rewards are not linkable?

In the FAQ:

  • At this time, Brave Wallet and Rewards are not linkable.

Does this mean that the BAT being monthly deposited on my Uphold account cannot be monthly deposited in my new Brave Wallet?

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@WurmD what it means is that, at this time, you can’t connect your Rewards directly to Brave Wallet and receive monthly payments there. You have to go through a custodial partner such as Uphold to receive the payment. Once you get your BAT, you can send it to Brave Wallet or anywhere else you want.

I say at this time because Brave is working on doing on chain payments. This would allow us to receive payment directly to our Wallet. Unfortunately, they have only teased the idea a few times and haven’t given us any ideas on an ETA for this to arrive.

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