Brave Wallet and BAT

Why is is not possible to use the Brave Wallet for the BAT? Only Uphold and Gemini but both not for Germany. We are not North Korea or China. We are not in this list.

Simple answer is because of laws and regulations. As you’re aware, there’s the idea of KYC/AML. But there was something else, I forget what, that Brave had mentioned before that prevents them from doing so. Basically, there has to be a separation between them for payment.

Assuming the latter part didn’t exist, the challenge then is they’d have to start doing KYC/AML for everyone using Rewards and/or Wallet. They are trying to keep Wallet decentralized. Not to mention, if it got that far, essentially would be required to KYC/AML people just simply for using Brave in general. That would be one big barrier to entry just to use a web browser.

So to abide by laws, not create a barrier, AND to help keep information safe they aren’t doing that. Also, think about it, if they had to KYC/AML then Brave would have all our usernames, passwords, internet history, location, IP address, bank account information, passport/drivers license, etc. That’s about as much personal information as is capable of being gathered. That’s a huge responsibility and very high risk. It would make Brave the #1 place to try to hack. Thus creating the divide does help protect them and us.

Do keep in mind I’m just another User. What I’m telling you here is a mixture of what I have heard officially said as well as my personal opinion.

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