Brave Wallet Accounts not switching on sites like OpenSea when connected

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Disable MetaMask Extension (allows Brave Wallet to be used with the Metamask wallet connection on sites like OpenSea)
  2. Connect using MetaMask connection
  3. Brave Wallet Account ‘1’ is connected no matter what account I am viewing in Brave Wallet Settings = Error

Expected result: Whatever wallet I am viewing in the Brave Wallet settings should be connected to OpenSea. Also confirmed by connecting to Polygon Web wallet.

Is there another method to switch accounts?
When Brave Wallet was an extension (in the past) changing the account would update OpenSea with that account

Update: Logging out of the Polygon site, closing all brave browsers and then signing back into Polygon seems to have given me an option to select other wallets to connect to and then once this is done I can switch between wallets on Polygon. Will check to see if the same thing occurs for OpenSea.

Confirmed the same for OpenSea.

Workaround Solution:

  1. Logout of OpenSea / Polgon Wallet, etc.
  2. Close all Brave browsers
  3. Connect using MetaMask connection and a list of accounts comes up allowing multiple to be selected. Only those that are selected can be connected to.

Required Solution:
Changing to an account that is not ‘signed’ on OpenSea should allow the new account to be ‘signed’ for connection.

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