Brave VPN disappeared from mobile browser

I just filled out a survey for Brave and it asked whether I used the Brave VPN, my answer was almost never, however it didn’t ask why and I wanted to simply send an email but didn’t see the address. The Brave VPN on my phone was originally there and I used it a couple times but one day I woke up and when I checked Brave to go on odysee or another streaming site, I don’t remember which one specifically, the VPN button that had been there was gone and hasn’t returned even when updating the browser. I would use it more frequently but as I said the button to turn it on is gone.


Did you want to see the VPN selector switch, again?

If so, Brave Support will likely want to know:

  • Your computing device and its OS version
  • Brave Browser version numbers

And a screenshot of the area where the VPN selector switch used to show, may help.

BTW, any chance that you have a VPN extension installed (un-beknownst to you) . . . and you actually were observing the VPN selector switch for that VPN extension’s service?