Brave VPN constantly disconnects disrupting Wi-Fi connection on iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone 12 Pro
iOS 15.4.1
Using Verizon

Brave VPN constantly disconnects which causes my phone to completely disconnect from my home Wi-Fi network. Where I live has poor Verizon cell service so in order to make and receive phone calls well I have to have Wi-Fi calling enabled on my phone. There have been multiple instances now where I have been on important personal and work related phone calls and in the middle of the call the VPN will disconnect, causing my phone to disconnect from Wi-Fi, and causing the call to drop immediately. I don’t have enough confidence now to have the VPN turned on at all because it happens so often throughout the work day that I am dropping important calls. This is frustrating since I am paying extra for VPN and Firewall service through Brave

I can understand the frustration with disconnections during calls in your work day. We have some reports that when Wi-Fi calling is enabled, there are issues with the VPN connection. When Wi-Fi calling is enabled, some carriers can use a built in VPN to run the call and when you are trying to use Brave Firewall + VPN, they almost fight each other for the connection. The reason you also see it “drop from Wi-Fi” when it disconnects is a fail safe to make sure there is no traffic when you are not connected to the VPN. to protect your privacy.

The only small test you can try is to disable Wi-FI calling feature on your device, connect the Firewall + VPN and try to make a regular call to see if you get the same result of disconnecting. This could indicate something else is going on and not just the Wi-Fi calling interfering, although if your cell service drops that could potentially be the other issue as well.

Please feel free to select “Contact Technical Support” in the Brave Firewall + VPN settings to provide more info and get one on one support of this issue.