Brave very slow and won't play audio

For about a month my Brave browser has been extremely slow (5+ seconds) loading all websites. I don’t have any extensions. I tried deleting and re-installing to no avail. Also, it frequently won’t play audio. All the audio settings are ‘on’ but won’t hear audio. If I shut the browser down and restart the audio works. These two issues have made this browser very frustrating to deal with. I want to stay with this browser but can’t deal with these two issues.
Version 1.20.110 Chromium: 88.0.4324.192 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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Thank you for reaching out to us.
Regarding the speed, I would recommend clearing your cache/browsing data as this often gets clogged up with bad bits. Menu --> History --> Clear browsing data. Let me know if this helps, if not we’ll try some other troubleshooting steps.

Regarding the sound issue – can you tell me what sites you see this behavior on? That is, does sound cut out/not work on all sites streaming video content, or is it only a specific site (ie Youtube)?

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Do these problems persist with brave browser only, maybe it’s your pc or Internet etc, having a “slow browser” is subjective to many diffent variables that may not even be related to the browser

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Thank you for your help. I cleared the browser data, then went to to check to see if the audio issue is on multiple sites. It took 15 seconds for the page to load.

Thanks for your reply. It’s the Brave browser only.

Did audio play on the site or no?

Going back to the performance issue, can you please try creating a temporary browser profile and see if Brave’s performance improves at all when using it? Ensure that you close all other open Brave windows before testing (so you only have the one window w/the newly created profile open).

I came to add to this. I’ve been experiencing the same performance issues on Brave for about over a week now. Every website is taking roughly 5-15 secs to load. This issue does not occur on other chromium browsers installed with same/similar plugins.

Can you please either open your own thread and include the requested information or edit your previous post to include relevant information (at minimum your OS and Brave version)? Additionally, can you please try testing my previous suggestion to @libertymama and let me know the results?

Sorry - the audio did play that time. But other times it does not. It’s also on my calm radio streaming site. I haven’t had a chance to create the temporary browser file yet. I will and I’ll let you know what happens as soon as I can. Thank you for helping me.

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Regarding the sound issue. I noticed something today. I was teaching online this morning and had my speaker settings set to my headset. I opened Brave and went to a youtube video. The sound played in my headset, but when I changed my setting to computer speakers, the sound did not work for the youtube video. So when I change my computer audio from my headset to the speakers, the audio in Brave does not work.

It may seem silly but can we triple check and ensure that Brave isn’t muted on Windows? In the Windows search bar, type Settings and open it. Then, go to System --> Sound --> Advanced/App Volume and Preferences ( at the very bottom) and ensure that Brave is not set to “Mute” or any other weird configuration.

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