Brave vertical tab always auto scroll to top unexpectedly

When I use vertical tabs and have dozens of tabs open (when scrollbars are present), the tab bar automatically shrinks and scroll to the top whenever I move my mouse off the tab bar, which bothers me a lot, and I would like the current scroll position of the vertical tabs to remain unchanged.


the way to reproduce:

  1. enable Hover to expand vertical tabs option
  2. pin 2 or more tabs
  3. open many tabs (be able to scroll)
  4. click the last tab
  5. At this point the tab bar is expanded (you can see the title), and then move the mouse away from the tab bar, so that the tab bar shrinks to just the icon. The position of scroll of tab bar will be changed and the last tab cannot be seen

The key point to reproduce the problem: pin more than 1 tab (1 tab is ok, 2 or more will cause thie issue)

Yep the same thing happens to me. This means vertical tabs have a fixed max tabs which is annoying. Unpinning tabs tabs does fix the issue.