Brave Version 1.28.106 ! Let`s see if

Greetings! FYI the version 1.28.105… W7 Desktop simply stopped and everything reset ( 9. something, BAT puff…gone!) …chill out, no problem with that! Apparently the same version works well in a W10 Laptop.

Question! Is starting somehow to exist some incompatibility with Brave and W7, once that W7 is becoming a dinosaur?


new update 200821


I’m running Brave on Win7 Pro SP1 with no issues. Not sure how long it will last. Hopefully Gemini wallets will be working well by the time I have to upgrade my laptop to Linux. (No way on God’s green earth that Win10 will ever be installed on any device I control except in a VM, and Brave Rewards don’t work in a VM.)

I running both, with completely different behaviors, for now its W10 that is working (better not speak about it) W7Pro just stopped and all BAT disapear, since the last update. Before it was the contrary W10 not working and W7 working fine. Very frustrating! Always waiting that the next update sort things out but.

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