Brave Verified Wallet Exceeded

Recently i verify my wallet in my PC at home but it say that my wallet exceeded, last month
i have no issue at all on this PC and other gadget i used to like my phone which is android.

  • I have a verify wallet on the other PC in my company but i already resigned and that is a
    company PC.
    Can someone help me , any way to regain my verified wallet.

Thanks a lot.

If you’re seeing this message then you have hit your wallet linking limit.

Please see the following post for instructions on how to submit a wallet unlinking request:

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Thank you for your response, Is the one that will be sent will be deleted, how about my balance it that account. I’m confused.

In your request, please provide any wallet payment IDs that you have *currently verified and working` and we will remove a stale wallet from your custodial account.

I already provided , I checked today still cannot verify . Thank you.

I have brave installed in laptop, android phone and my desktop then 2 more in my PC in the previous office , well the company already close i dont have access in the PC.
What will i do i have now 3 remaining wallet like i’ve said which one should i send to you.
My Uphold is verified but my brave wallet recently cannot verify . Thanks hope i can get a help.

@drigox Wallet unlinking request form