Brave Verified Publisher here, help me to solve problem please

I am verified Brave publisher for over 3 months now. Using my extremely popular YouTube channel to promote my refferal link, I have been paid for all three months in time without loss or any problems and I want to thank Brave for this opportunity!
Problem is that I adviced my friend to create Brave and he did so, also well-known YouTuber used his channel Videos/Live streams to share refferal, created special video to promote Brave and ask fans to download your browser(also attached Brave’s Intro/Outro in videos). He had a solid amount of BAT on his account, on March 8 transaction was almost finished (it passed Review stage and Finished dot was already blue). Few moments later, I received E-mail that BAT was transferred to my uphold and he called me a minute later that he didn’t receive BAT, instead his account was flagged as suspected and we are really confused. I apologize for posting here, I know we should contact but they barely answer and it was very important for my friend to get his earned BATs.
So my questions are

  1. What is the maximum time of reviewing suspected accounts, before we get final answer?
  2. What are possible reasons for suspect, he did nothing wrong, but ONLY shared refferal in every possible way he could.
    Thanks in advance, answers will be much appreciated from Brave support!

Hello @Elvenessa,
Thanks for reaching out.

The best way to reach out regarding account suspension is indeed via email to

Your (friend) case will be reviewed in the order it’s received. And the team will get back to your friend after the case be reviewed.

The maximum time I know so far is before the next payout.

Mostly (for other case/s) is because ToS violation. Or (more likely) the system (automatically) flagged their account due to “suspicious activity”. Or else.

Again, regarding account suspension, it’s better to reaching out via email.

Apologies for the inconveniences.

Thanks for fast answer!
We have sent an E-mail and also answered 2 questions of Auto-reply.
Could you share link for ToS violation and BAT receiving rules please?
Thanks again!

ToS available here


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