"Brave Verified Creator" on desktop but "Not Yet Verified" on Android tablet ... at the same time!

My website (https://tunearch.org) is a Brave Verified Creator when checked using the Brave desktop application (on a Mac to be precise… don’t know on windows systems) but if I open the Android Brave app on my tablet (a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2s) the same website is in the “Not Yet Verified” state.
Am I miss something?

What is your Brave version on Android, @Silkwood?

I’m just test it and your site is appears as verified on my end (both Windows and Android).

The android Version is 7.0 and yes, now I also see that tunearch.org is a verified publisher even if I got a warning message saying that there was problems tipping some BAT to tunearch.org and a Reward Summary stating that: " I’ve designated 6.00 BAT for creators who haven’t yet signed up to receive contributions…".
Now this Summary appeared after that tunearch.org was verified as a Publisher and after I (myself) was verified by Uphold exchange as a Known Customer.

The Brave Browser version on my Android (7.0) is 1.0.99, Chromium 75.0.3770.101

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