Brave va muy lento en Laptop

¿Por qué se me demora en abrir? Siempre es muy lento, pareciera que consumiera muchos recursos de la laptop. ¿Alguna información?

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Why does it take so long to open? It is always very slow, it seems to consume a lot of laptop resources. any information?

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Try to disable hardware acceleration in Settings > Advanced Settings > System


It works! Why does this happen?

Trying to make it short and simple.

A PC usually works with a hard disk and memory.
But nowadays it is possible to use other hardware resources to compute more data, like a graphics card.
If you are in need of high processing, like Games, then it pays off to use other hardware resources. If you are doing just normal tasks, it becomes a burden. It’s faster to use the normal PC resources than accessing other hardware resources.

So, if you are not playing games with Brave, likely it is faster to deactivate that option.

I just discovered it recently, and yes, it’s faster.

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