Brave using bad Ip reputation?


IT team from my job asked me to uninstall Brave from my laptop (Brave up to date)…I’ve tried to explain that it was to preserve data privacy & limited ads or pop-ups but anyway… :o(

Given reason ;
Somewhere this IP has been used for malicious/suspicious activities that’s why it is poor reputed.

Could you help me to get argument to respond, or have you got explanation about that ?

Hello, may I ask how I may be able to replicate that bad ip reputation checking…
I want to check mine as well to know if my brave is behaving like yours. Thanks in advance.

Hi Ian, no ide. I didn’t ask him to check with IT team reproducing surf navigation…

last response was “Somewhere this IP has been used for malicious/suspicious activities that’s why it is poor reputed.



This IP is used by tor. I checked it by opening tor. This means that thousands are using it for hiding their IP and for… only god knows what. You are using it for good purpose but others don’t, thus the issue.

Many thanks “CLover”…Maybe I need to use “Brave portable” version only…

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same IP with bad reputation excepted that soft not installed ! ;o)

You can try disabling Tor via Group Policy if you’re still trying to use the browser at work:

Is the laptop yours or from the company?

If the laptop is from the company, you cannot do anything. Their asset, their decision. This is a security matter, the companies decide which software is safe or allowed not to compromise their network.
I am even surprised that you have permissions to install software. Usually those permissions are revoked.

Regarding your argument that you use it for privacy. This is exactly what they do not want to hear. Your privacy means they are not able to track what you do with their equipment.

As others stated above, the IP may be identified as a TOR node. No company wants to have users using TOR in their network. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am afraid you do not have any other choice than following their recommendations.

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