Brave uses

Hello guys. As I found out on my android brave browser connects to addresses something like this:

What is it and why brave use it? It is some tracker?

I am monitoring the app through NextDNS and I can’t find any requests for “”. It must be some kind of extension or spyware on your phone.

I use Cloudflare Gateway on my router to analyze my internet traffic, also I use Nebullo app on mobile to use DNS-over-HTTPS, I see requests for from both source. After that I was interesed which app have this requests and I checked it with NetGuard, it is Brave browser… I checked my phone for spyware/malware with many truthworthy apps, my phone is clean…

If you google, you will find lots of pages about this malware/spyware. It is also blocked by Cloudflare-Security blacklists.

Nope, it was “allowed” on Cloudflare, I blocked it myself…

…most likely because you were not using the blacklist. I get “DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE”. Anyway, lots of websites explain how to remove that malware.

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