Brave uses a lot of resources causing fatal errors


@HectorCastillo Try this:

  1. Disable hardware acceleration
  2. Clear browser data
  3. If using nvidia go to settings and choose AUTO-SELECT.
  4. Restart browser.

If CPU still too high,

Hold CTRL+SHIFT+N then test in Private Mode. if CPU is OK, an extension might be causing the problem.

I posted a topic recently on how there are ELEVEN brave.exe’s running in #task manager. I have no add ons etc running I have all brave options disabled and trying to run CLEAN. Someone answered that CHROME opens alot as needed, but Im not running videos, add ons, brave rewards or anything else. I have also noticed a definite #CACHE refreshing issue on media sites. I would like away to #ROLLBACK Brave to version with ZERO CHROME. Im looking at a clean install with a stand alone brave install. Since I only use Brave for surfing and not banking and bills, it wont be an issue.

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