Brave Uphold Wallet verified then BAT transferred without authorization

I joined Brave a while ago through Coinbase and held BAT in my Coinbase Portfolio. A few days ago, I created, verified and transferred my Coinbase BAT to my new Brave Wallet through Uphold. Then I recently updated/verified my company website to receive BAT contributions and all of a sudden my BAT was transferred to “Brave Software”. I asked Uphold to investigate and they directed me to this site.

I am not as concerned with the amounts I’ve lost since some were given from Coinbase lessons and others were given as a grant. I just want to be sure that I won’t lose anymore BAT that I transfer to my Uphold wallet.

PS: Auto-contribute was set to OFF and I can’t see what sites were viewed before the wallet was verified (I can now see sites by moving the selector from OFF).

Apologies for the inconveniences. Closed as duplicate of For Brave users impacted by the Auto-Contribute bug