Brave/Uphold connecting trouble

Hi guys
I’m newbie and my english is not good enough to explain about my problem I have with Brave/Uphold so I will show its by 3 screenshots. I started Brave Rewards Creators at May 6th, and my Brave version is v 1.10.93
[Version 1.10.93 Chromium: 83.0.4103.106 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

  1. Uphold connect/disconnect status not shown

  2. Verified wallet not shown

  3. Here is my uphold wallet (connected Brave and my youtube chanel)

Please help me to fix this problem.
Much thanks

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My brave browser is my uphold account link but not my uphold account receive my token.

Brave browser is show token. But not receive uphold wallet

Thanks for replying my question.

1.Here is my Uphold connetion status.

2. True display of Uphold connection status

@eljuno @steeven @Mattches
Please help me.
Much thanks.

@joys Thanks for replying.
I’m in Japan and this problem happened right from I started doing Brave Referral Program since May 6th. I still receive BAT normally, please see the screenshot.

Still receiving BAT but cannot transfer to Uphold because of connecting status not shown
Can anybody help me please?

me too. Please fix it for me.



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