Brave Updating and possible hacking

Today, 3 different automatic updates which I did not request occurred on the browser without my consent…I was surprised, because I am usually always asked to approve a new update by a top right button (green). This happened without any notifications, warning or permissions. This is what my Glasswire software picked up. Is this someone dropping malware on my computer through brave?

Hmm it’s hard to tell but I wouldn’t jump to malware. These could have been component updates (brave://components) which do not require a full browser update to trigger.

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The screenshot is too low-res to be certain, but I suspect these are component and/or extension updates within the browser.

Component and extension updates typically happen moments after launching the browser, and on regular intervals thereafter. You can also manually trigger them by various methods, including clicking “Update” from the Components Page (brave://components/) and Extensions Page (brave://extensions/).

If you are able to provide higher-resolution screenshots, or specific URLs accessed, that would help us to provide a more detailed and certain answer.

To learn more about what types of network activity you can expect from Brave, check out this article:


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