Brave updates fail when user doesn't have admin rights


Brave updates fail on Mac OS X unless logged in user has root access, in other words user has to be admin or have admin rights. See this problem listed several times, sense it’s appears to be a real bug I am posting it here hoping someone sees it. Thanks.


This is true, but the key point is that the upgrade fails silently!

I’ve just experienced the same problem.

This issue has already been raised in a previous post

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Thanks, not aware of the term “fails silently” or why that’s important. Switching my Macs to NOT be logged in with root access for security reasons, pretty high on the list for security, but this appears to kill Brave updates, ironic. I would give up on Brave before I would go back to running Macs logged in as admin…


The bug here appears to be that Brave doesn’t prompt for authentication for updates when being run by a non-admin account.

Fails silently in this case means the user isn’t notified that the update will fail without authenticating as an admin user.


We have an issue logged for this:



Same issue here, silent failed install while logged in with non-root/admin account. I’d appreciate being able to authenticate as the admin account, during update.

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