Brave updated, YouTube issues

Not sure if it’s something youtube is doing because of AD blockers or if it’s a bug on the most recent iOS Brave release.
Installed today version 1.66.2 and YouTube videos are appearing like this:

Already tried turning off the shield, no effect.

Does it render the page fully after few seconds?

We believe we finally identified the issue which was related to one of our filter lists not working well with YouTube (YT) which caused performance issues when loading the website. In this case, YT seemed to change something on their backend that caused one of our filters to run into performance problems. We pushed out the fix via a component update so no Brave update is required. If you’re running into the above, please restart Brave.

If a restart didn’t work, please wait ~1hr or so. It might take a bit for the list to propagate. Would appreciate any feedback re: if the issue has been resolved so we know if it’s fixed or if we need to dig deeper.

As always, thank you for the report. I know it took a while but this was a tricky one as we released 1.66.2 around the same time which threw another variable into the mix regarding what could have regressed YT performance.


You guys rock it! :clap::clap::clap:

awesome, thanks for the confirmation. Glad it’s working now :+1: