Brave Update task on Windows

Hello everyone,

I just have a quick question regarding Brave’s update mechanism on Windows. Brave installs two tasks for this purpose while I do not really understand their purpose. On the other hand, pretty much every other Browser I know does update automatically while using, usually there is an “there is an update available” overlay on the Browser’s menu and simply clicking on it installs it.

Interestingly, I did not notice a similar update notification in Brave. Is there none? Only while opening the “About Brave” page shows updates (of course, only if available) and installs them. Can I safely delete the Brave update tasks and only update while using Brave or does that mean that I need to always open the “About Brave” page for updating?

Thanks in advance!

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Not an answer, but somebody please also see this one that asks basically the same question, but asks for more detail:

Thanks for the link; actually I think even though the questions are not exactly the same, still I think they are rather similar such that someone who knows the details can easily answer both. Hopefully someone competent clarify these two :sunglasses:

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