Brave Update scrambling fonts on web pages

Just updated Brave to Version 0.57.18. When web pages load some or all of the text is scrambled? Scrolling sometimes momentarily straightens it out. However it reverts in a few minutes.

Hello @molso Would you try to zoom from the ‘hamburger menu’ to see if zooming in and out has any effect? Thanks.

Zoom straightens it out until you switch tabs and come back. Then it’s scrambled again.
Windows 8.1 - fully patched if it matters

Will cc @eljuno as he is more familiar with these issues. Thanks for your OS info as that and your version of Brave is the minimium information to seek help on the forum.

No update. New Brave is unworkable for me.

Reload fixes until I scroll up and down
Mouse over or highlighting fixes until I scroll or navigate off of the page
Zoom fixes until I click another tab and go back to the original
Old Brave works fine
Firefox works fine
Chrome works fine
Started with the update…

Try disabling hardware acceleration:
Main Menu --> Settings --> Advanced --> System