Brave Update OSX


Brave often notifies me that there is a new version with a banner at the top of the window. this happens much more often than I believe is supposed to happen.

I have found that any time I click “check for updates” it will tell me that there is a new version and download it, even if I have just completed an update. Does it not check what the current version installed is?

iMac + Mac OSX 10.13.4 High Sierra

| rev | 99aa17d |
| Muon | 4.7.2 |
| libchromiumcontent | 64.0.3282.85 |
| V8 | 6.4.388.20 |
| Node.js | 7.9.0 |
| Update Channel | Release |
| OS Platform | macOS |
| OS Release | 17.5.0 |
| OS Architecture | x64 |


Thanks for reporting @HeyTrySomeNashville!

In the past, many users already reported this issue and I think it’s fixed in the latest version. However to get this fix we need to get you on the latest version :slight_smile:

Please go to and manually download the latest version (you should be able to download over the version you already have).

Also cc @LaurenWags if that can’t help.



Hi @HeyTrySomeNashville

Since your info in your post doesn’t include your Brave version, I’m going to suggest that you try @eljuno suggestion :slight_smile: Latest version is 0.22.810.



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