Brave "Unsupported Browser" on local TP-Link Router web interface

The latest Brave on Win 10 64bit is no longer “supported” on my local Router web interface

I have been using Brave to access the web interface on my local Router, a TP-Link ER605 without any issues. I did set the Shields to “Down” on the local IP address of the router.

Today, after updating the Router firmware to the latest version from the TP-Link website, I now get a splash screen, after signing into the Router, stating “Unsupported Browser - Please use a different Browser”

The Release notes for the new Firmware has an entry as follows;-
“Fix the bug that slow loading when accessing Web UI with Chrome kernel browser.”

This implies that they have changed their WebUI code and somehow Brave is not handling that change as they expect.

I am currently having to use Edge to access my local router :frowning:

Any suggestions for setting(s) may overcome this issue or does it require development to investigate?

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Further information;
This error also occurs using Brave on iOS on my iPad.
However Safari on iOS works as expected.

There is clearly something in the TP-Link code that identifies Brave as different to Chromium

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I find it very strange that no one appears to be bothered that Brave is “Not supported” by a major infrastructure provider such as TP-Link :frowning:

In addition it is clear that TP-Link are finding Brave does not support some functionality they deem “necessary” to display a simple web interface to a Router.

Any suggestions for how to escalate this issue, which could be the thin edge of a very big wedge?

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Still no response :frowning:

However, I can report that Firefox works correctly as does, rather surprisingly, a Private Window within Brave.
As far as I can ascertain the user settings for both Normal and Private Windows are the same so whatever the TP-Link code is objecting to does not seem to occur in a Private Window. Just to confirm that the Shields are Down on that address.

On a positive note, this suggests that TP-Link are not specifically “not supporting” Brave but does infer that TP-Link are using code that a Normal Brave Window does NOT support or handle correctly.

Anyone from the team like to comment?

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