Brave Uninstalling From Phone


This has happened to me twice, and it wouldn’t be so bad, but all my settings and configurations have gone with it. Upon restarting my phone, the entire app was deleted, and I had to re-install it.

What would cause that to happen, it’s very frustrating starting over.


Could you provide details of your device and Brave details along with any specific steps that can be used to reproduce would be helpful.


This is on a moto x pure edition, running marshmallow.

Can it be because the app is installed on the SD card, and not inermal storage? I had a game that did the same thing, and they blamed it on the fact that it was installed on the SD card


I can’t reproduce it. I just know it’s happened to me twice in the last 3 months.


Well, it just happened again. I thought maybe it was due to it being stored on the SD Card, but I kept it on “internal storage”, and this morning, it was deleted again.

Great product, but I can’t really use it if it randomly gets deleted.


Sorry for the late response. Are you installing from playstore or downloading from GitHub?

cc: @Alexey


Google play store, just the standard install


Not really sure whats happening.

cc: @Serg @Alexey


Had similar kind of issues on my HP tablet. Had to troubleshoot the problem with thehp tech support service. Fortunately recovered the missing files and install it successfully.