Brave UI Feedback


I would like to share my thoughts about the new brave UI, I know UI design is a time consuming task and probably it’s work in progress but (right now) I feel it’s too much similar to Google Chrome, even though the Brave browser has different goals/priorities, the uninformed/new/naive user will probably tag it as “just a Chrome copy”.

I think you should “brand it like Brave” :wink:
make it recognizable and unique like the browser it is, an unrecognizable product is like a faceless man :eyes:



Interesting! I used Brave initially when it came out, then ditched for quite a while until recently. The second I downloaded it and started it up again, I thought it now looks a lot more Opera-ish than Chrome!

Thanks for the feedback @elven_inside!

Indeed, this super early release beta is not the final picture wrt the design. A big reason for releasing this early version is to figure out if there are major web compatibility issues (like we’ve been tracking here : Dev Builds Only - If a site isn’t working nicely for you make a comment with the address - web compatibility megathread) or if there are any gotchas for extensions.

You will see quite a few improvements coming as we near 1.0. Stay tuned!


Here’s a few more discussions about Brave UI we’ve had here in Community if you’re interested:


I think tab shapes and url bar should have a more distinct shape. (Like diamond shaped for instance , where the edges of 2 tabs are combined with a orange color and always on orange line around the url bar maybe). As it is now it looks like opera, vivaldi and firefox. Since the browser is called Brave, it should be brave in its design as well. :D.

The U.I. customization thread has been closed already, so I posted my feedback here instead:

note: I participate in other technical forums where threads are kept open forever, so those who subscribe to a topic are never cut off from the discussion. I think its counter-productive to let a machine close threads automatically.

This morning i was surprised when the android mobile brave was dark UI. I love it! I’ve been waiting a long time the pc version Dark UI, but now it will finally be rewarded. I have been advertised brave’s mobile version for everybody i know. Now also the PC version is suitable for all sensitive eyes. Thank you very much for all your hard work!

I will be Braves loyal supporter forever!

@elven_inside , i believe you’re right… with every update it feels closer to Chrome, even the background functionalities. however, i’m sure they’re working on a big UI update!