Brave Twitter Channel Not Verified after weeks

It has been weeks, and still not verified.

“josemental on Twitter Not yet verified Refresh Status” if I search here my twitter shows as creator.

And if you click the Refresh button?

If i click refresh is still says its not validated. Even though I can see it in the brave content creators list, used other devices to seem so its not my browser.

Did you have the latest version of Brave? Fid you check it via desktop or mobile?

my browser is up to date, used mobile, and other 2 computers to check. So no, its not my browser problem.

You can check yourself the channel, you will see it is not verified.

Androids or iOS?

For Android, I believe it’s expected as it’s (Twitter tipping) disabled.

For iOS, there’s an open issue here which should be fixed in an upcoming release.

Android, but still it doesnt make sense that I used browser on PC in different computers and it is not published, already another 48 hours and not verified…

can someone explain?

This one @josemental :point_up:
Your channel is verified. Just Android version don’t support Twitter tipping ATM. Disabled here

Ok, if you see it verified than is mypc brave browser problem. thank you

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