Brave Triggering Time-Consuming Security Checks on Paypal, Zoom


Every time I visit Paypal or Zoom, it takes an average of 6 or 7 minutes of clicking on images of buses and traffic lights to get in. I don’t have time to use Brave anymore. It wastes too much time. If there’s a delivery truck that looks like a bus from the front, I don’t know whether to click it. If it’s a pole that holds up a traffic light, I don’t know whether to click it. If there’s a tiny fraction of a crosswalk, I don’t know whether to click it because it doesn’t “contain” a crosswalk. Are there browser settings I can change? Even when I get a security check right, it gives me another one. It’s endless. When I first got Brave, it throttled my CPU and stole all the memory. Apps kept on crashing or shutting down. Thankfully that’s fixed. This isn’t a Muppet Labs creation, is it?

There are a lot of people myself included that are experiencing these issues. I just tried Paypal and on Brave I was presented multiple REcaptchas whereas on MS Edge Chromium I only had the initial one offered and solved. There is a long thread over on Reddit re this issue

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