Brave translator

Good afternoon: I wanted to ask you about the stability of the browser’s translator, since I have noticed that it gives some problems when you want to translate into a specific language, I speak Spanish but sometimes when I want to translate a site from English to Spanish or another language to Sometimes it does not translate and it gives an error, I just wanted to report that problem, greetings and thanks

Cc: @mattches @saoiray

Can you please elaborate on the issue?
What sites are you on when you see this issue? What languages are you attempting to translate into?

You say that you get an error sometimes when trying to translate — what does the error say?

Good afternoon:

1.I am trying to translate from English to Spanish.

  1. when i try to do it it takes a long time to translate or sometimes it gives me an error saying that translation could not be done.

  2. The same thing has happened to me from Portuguese to Spanish.

  3. It lacks some more speed in the translation as if the google translator does.

Hey Marvin,
I think I have a solution for this.
Utilizing AI translation tools can offer faster and more efficient translations compared to traditional methods. They often provide quick and reliable translations, improving the speed and accuracy of the process.
Hope this helps!