Brave Translator is useless

Description of the issue:

How can this issue be reproduced?

1.try to translate but doesn’t work

  1. Here I have specified a specific website but the translator doesn’t work on any website

Expected result:
Should translate

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave 1.63.174, Chromium 122.0.6261.128

Mobile Device details
Android 11
Redmi note 8 pro

Additional Information:
It should be able to translate like chrome as shown in video


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use "twp - translate web pages’ instead it’s far more superior than brave’s translator which sucks when there are multiple languages present on a web page

How to use it in Android?

Brave’s translation is indeed lacking, from slow translation to not being able to translate the site.

@Saksham9 You have to use Firefox, because it’s an extension and Brave doesn’t support it.

Let’s see what the Brave team has to say about this.

use Kiwi browser it supports all chromium desktop extensions including ublock origin, and has a decent translator

At this time, it will not work for sites like the one you shared given that the language of the site is English — therefore translate is not detecting that there are “partial” translations that need to be made.

We are working on adding this functionality in future releases.

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Why Brave don’t provide option for Google translate than @Mattches ?

I agree. Even on desktop, Brave Translate is excruciatingly slow. This is the one killer feature that keeps me having to keep Chrome installed. I check a lot of foreign language sites and so I end up having to use Chrome as my main browser even though I’d prefer to do everything in Brave. I was so excited when they included their own translation feature but the results are nothing like Google.

It’s not even the translations themselves, it’s the way the feature works. It’s WAY TOO SLOW. And doesn’t reliably auto-translate the way Chrome does.

PLEASE make it faster. It’s insane to tell it to translate a page, and I just sit there waiting at least 30 seconds as parts of the page slowly change to my language. Even then some parts never translate. I end up trying to ask Leo to translate chunks of text for me but Leo complains they are too long.

If you are using PC then you can use Google translate extension in brave