Brave + Tor + Youtube = useless

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open a Brave Tor window
  2. go to youtube
  3. make choice to go live life or close and reopen the window going back to youtube, going back to the non-Tor window where you got the link, copy it, paste it into a new Tor window, watch as the same block page comes up…rinse repeat. Added bonus waiting on the new Tor windows to bootstrap every time to make any attempts take even longer. Sure it’s not digging ditches but it’s sure as hell not a good user experience either.

Expected result:
That it takes less than 20 tries before I get a functional exit node. Some form of detection to take the original URL and retry exits until success rather than waste user time having to copy paste urls constantly into new windows hoping it will eventually work.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.38.109 Chromium: 101.0.4951.41 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:

Normally this would be an “it happens” issue because Youtube frequently blocks Tor exit nodes tossing up the “We’ve detected strange behavior from your IP” messages but lately I find Tor windows from Brave ONLY give me this result.

Because this notice is also a redirect the new Tor connection for this site is also useless as it just reloads the notice rather than the desired URL you started with. Often times if I get fed up trying with Brave I will fire up Tor Browser and it works the vast majority of the time.

Is there something going on with the Tor exists Brave uses/chooses because the functionality has become rather useless.

Yes I always close the initial/previous Tor window to ensure a new connection. Brave somehow always chooses another useless exit node. I find it curious how the normal Tor browser I get this block message here and there but on Brave it’s almost 100% guaranteed making the Tor functionality worthless compared to just using the Tor browser (Firefox) which works the majority of time.

@nPHYN1T3 ,

An issue and comments that may interest:

When using Brave Browser > New Private Window with Tor

The intervals between the moments when the successive nodes are established, always vary in length of time.

When you use the TOR browser, those variations may be shorter more than being relatively longer (relative to using Brave Browser New Private Window with Tor).

When it comes to using Tor / TOR, there is always a significant chance that the remote website is a problem for:

  • a Tor / TOR attempt

  • however an Internet browser seeks to frustrate the website’s attempts to gather information about your computing device and you.

Over the last year, I have found many websites boosting their inquisitions, especially re your computing device ID / “Fingerprinting”. And attendant mobile phone apps (re the companies that own such websites), that track you.

I know how TOR works and no none of that is relevant. The issue is what exit nodes Brave is using are always blocked where as normal tor browser exit nodes are not.

I’ve been watching YT on Tor Browser just fine for the last while where as had I been using Tor via Brave all I’d be doing is opening new Tor connections to watch them fail - be blocked. Bottom line TOR on Brave has become useless due to the Exit nodes.

i guess it would be better to open a feature request and ask fr custom setting for tor like adding custom relay

@nPHYN1T3 , @justsomeone1 ,

Running many tests . . .

Using Brave Browser v1.37.116 on a Mac; not having trouble connecting to YouTube via Brave Browser > New Private Window with Tor.

Meanwhile, TOR Browser now has several Google servers (such as ad servers, Google Syndication, etc.) built-in to NoScript settings/setup aboard TOR. TOR Browser’s NoScript installation, does not permit your access to those, in general, via the NoScript Options. Setting a lot of Google instrusions to UNTRUSTED . . . is blocked.

@289wk looks like you always lucky with tor

Yup, @289wk is lucky. But that’s the catch right? You never know what exit node you will get (in theory). Just the last while it seems like EVERY exit Brave uses is blocked. Which begs the question is Brave choosing, is it dumb luck I’ve getting screwed constantly? Is there something in the browser agent + the exit? I just know if I use the tor browser my success rate is exponentially higher where with Brave I’m constantly re-trying to load the page.

While this is frustrating it’s also a larger commentary that the web is such a broken adverse pile of crap.

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