Brave took MORE rewards than I set

So, on August 29th I saw that Brave took off from my Gemini Wallet FOUR BAT instead of the usual ONE that I had set on my preferences. That day I also saw a message on my brave navigator telling me that a mistake had ocurred but I couldn’t take a capture of it. I contacted Gemini and they told me that I had to talk to you guys; thus, I show you in this post, my historial in Gemini and the reply of the Gemini team via mail.

Would you correct your mistake, please?


Would you mind submitting your issue here?

We can take a closer look. Thanks!


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Done! if you need any other information regarding my Gemini account, let me know.

Hi, any news? I would like an update of my ticket.

Hey there @killmenologist. I know they’ll be working on it when they can. Just FYI, it’s currently the weekend and staff aren’t usually active then. They primarily work Monday through Friday. That isn’t to say never work weekends, it’s just a little more rare (at least in them being active on Brave Community)

In terms of tickets, they work on them in the order they are received. Hopefully they get through it and will be able to get to you here relatively soon when they get back to work on the weekdays. At least your tag here might be a reminder, where they can look through things, but just wanted to mention to you so you’re aware it still might be a little while (especially since it’s Saturday right now)

Lastly, any responses in regards to your ticket should arrive in your email. When you submitted, you should have gotten a confirmation with your ticket number there. Make sure nothing is showing up in spam and keep an eye out. They’ll either send another email asking for more information or providing you updates there, typically.

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Thank you for your comments.


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